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My name is Ryan A. Wurdinger, and I am the Owner/Photographer for The Lost Compass. I am currently living in New Jersey, but am always up for an adventure! I LOVE to travel. Pre-Covid, I was hitting my goal of visiting 3 new countries a year, and I honestly cannot wait for the world to open back up to us. I am ALWAYS up for new friends, and crazy adventures! I love to watch all things ocean, shark, space, or serial killer related. I absolutely live for rainy days and Sundays, and you will almost never see me without my camera. I am a total foodie, and even being new to the area, I can already point you towards the best restaurants, and obscure little shops. I am an Alumni of L Makeup Institute (Las Vegas Campus), specializing in Hair, Makeup, Body Painting, and SFX Application, so the amount of creativity we can put into every session is limitless.

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